15 questions white people will never have to ask themselves

Many white people may never truly understand why incidents like the Michael Brown shooting infuriate blacks and other people of color — even when it’s clear that race plays a large, looming role in how the situation snowballed to the 18-year-old’s death.

This is in part because white people can move through daily life without constantly thinking about how their race will be perceived. Part of having white privilege is the freedom from worrying about racism, a freedom their black counterparts have never known. But it gives black people a unique yet challenging perspective by which they navigate the world. 

African-American scholar W.E.B. DuBois called this “double consciousness,” Follow micdotcom

#9 and always #13. When I got followed/constantly “asked for help” in Whole Foods, I was like, “Oh shit, that’s right, I’m Black!” Because honestly it’s not something that I’m constantly thinking of. I just live.

And #13. I stay away from watermelon and chicken at functions because I don’t wanna hear about shit (but it’s a rock and a hard place. bc I love watermelon and chicken)


"[I was never programmed to feel shame, yet here we are.]"

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Other people do them a lot, too. 

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